DIY Party Cookies


A fun DIY cookie kit! Whether you’re looking for some family fun with the kiddos or you want to make a special treat for a birthday party… this hassle free DIY kit is what you’ve been searching for.

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Plus, I know whether you wear an apron or not flour always seems to get everywhere. Especially on your clothes. And I know you hate when the food coloring gets on your countertops (that can be a pain to get off) and stains your fingertips (yikes!). This kit will bring the fun to your home or party without redecorating your kitchen with flour and food coloring.


3 Cookies:
3 x Plain Cookies
2 x Icings
1 x Sprinkles

4 Cookies:
4 x Plain Cookies
3 x Icings
1 x Sprinkles

5 Cookies:
5 x Plain Cookies
4 x Icings
2 x Sprinkles

6 Cookies:
6 x Plain Cookies
4 x Icings
2 x Sprinkles

**Each cookie comes heat sealed to lock in its freshness

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Number of Cookies

3 Cookies, 4 Cookies, 5 Cookies, 6 Cookies


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