Screen Time


In the current times, we find ourselves and our kids glued to the TV/Cellphones/Computers.  This little package will help you implement some rules while rewarding your kids at the same time.

We can design this in any theme or colour scheme.

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WHATS INCLUDED – 8 Pages – (Digital order is Formatted To Print A4)

WEEKLY CHART: A weekly screen time chart with 8 custom responsibilities. You can choose your own screen time value to control how much screen time can be earned each week. (with the printed order, it is laminated, so can be used more than once)

COUPONS: Give your child earned screen time reward coupons at the end of each week. Kids can turn them in for screen time if their screen time rules are met for the day.

PASSWORD KEEPER: Keep track of the passwords and usernames to all the websites your child is allowed to use. It is always a good idea to keep an eye out on what your child is doing online.

WEBSITE/APP TRACKER: Keep a record of the websites and apps your child is allowed to access. This printable makes it easy for kids and parents to keep track of which websites/apps are approved and not approved.

SCREEN TIME RULES: This cute printable is a personalized list of 7 custom screen time rules that must be met each day before your child can request to cash in their screen time coupons.

INTERNET CONTRACT: Having your child sign a technology use or internet contract is a really good idea for kids of all ages, but it will only work if you, the parent commits to enforcing the rules and guidelines outlined in the contract.

SCREEN-FREE ZONE SIGN: It is a good idea to have designated areas that are screen free. For instance, in my home, personal electronics are not allowed in bedrooms, bathrooms or any other “private” space. This sign is also helpful for kids who have their friends over for play dates.

WIFI PASSWORD SIGN: If you change your password frequently or often have guests over, the cute printable wifi sign is a fun way to display your wifi login information.

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